Benefits of a Hearing Clinic Surrey

A hearing clinic Surrey is a valuable resource for people with tinnitus, balance disorders, and other hearing problems. This facility offers comprehensive care for these conditions and is one of the first in the province to offer diagnostic services. A certified audiology specialist is on staff to help you make the best possible choice for your needs. There are many benefits to choosing a clinic that specializes in ear health. These benefits include professional staff, advanced diagnostic technology, and personalized care plans.

The Benefits of Working With a Hearing Clinic Surrey

hearing clinic Surrey

The clinic’s audiologist has extensive training in all facets of hearing and balance, including audiometry, hearing aids Surrey, and hearing conservation. In addition to offering services in English, Syed Ullah also offers services in Farsi and Persian. She is a graduate of the Tehran Medical Science University and has over eight years of clinical experience as an audiologist. She is board-certified in hearing instruments and has experience with pediatrics and vestibular assessments and treatment.

An audiology clinic in Surrey has specialists who specialize in all aspects of hearing health, including diagnosis, and fitting hearing aids. Otolaryngologists also offer surgical services. A pediatric audiologist will treat babies, while a pediatric audiologist will focus on the care of adults with common hearing problems. If you’re experiencing hearing loss in a child, the audiologist may be your best option.

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