How to Choose a Motorcycle Boot

motorcycle boot

When shopping for a new motorcycle boot, you should consider its durability, comfort and fit. While the material of a good motorcycle boot is important, a boot that does not provide adequate protection is no good. A boot’s shaft should be long enough to cover your ankle. Additionally, it must be durable and have good traction. Some motorcycle boots even have full-cushion sock linings to keep your feet cool. A full-cushion sock lining is especially helpful if you ride in hot climates.

Look Great On Road And Off The Bike

Whether you ride on the road or on a dirt bike, the right motorcycle boot can provide a great deal of protection for your feet. There are several styles of boots, including tall and short styles. Motorcycle-specific boots are often referred to as “caviar boots” because they are made for riding on the road. Motorcycle boots can also be made to look like a high-end tennis shoe. You should also consider the type of riding you’ll be doing. Off-road and motocross boots are not recommended for use in cruiser riding.

Another important consideration is the type of protective materials used for the boot. While most motorcycle boots come equipped with shin protection, there are some that offer greater shin protection. In addition to leather, new textiles offer better protection. A boot should have double stitching, padding in the ankle and collar, rigid inserts, and a toe slider. The closure system should be durable and allow the boot to shift easily. There are even safety standards for racing boots.

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